Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Personalised excellence plan

Having been graded as Satisfactory (3) on my recent observation - well, ok, it was a borderline 2/3 - I now have to have a personalised excellence plan to push me to a solid 2. I now find myself with mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand I am positive - let's be honest this was my agenda without Academy intervention anyway. On the other hand, there is always a downside, and -possibly because of all the other nonsense in life - I am feeling rather "meh" about it.

This is rather daft. I am not far of having demonstrated a good lesson and I know I can do so but it's as if I'm buying into the OFSTED idea that satisfactory ain't satisfactory.

There were so many strengths - differentiation, data use, relationships, atmosphere, pushing for higher order skills with a very able class.

Areas for development.

All students to show good progress.

I'm told that two things let this down.

First, not all students completed all sections of the grid. So next time students will have less information to work with. Actually, I'm not too happy with this as it provides a limit on the learning that can happen. On the flip side - observation is about ticking boxes

Second, the end of the lesson was a bit rushed so students did not fully have the time to show what they had done.

Pace and timing

Actually, this has always been a strength of mine. I think that where this comes from is that with this very able group the students felt I left the important activities until right at the end and therefore they couldn't really engage.

There were other comments that, to be honest, I find a bit specious. For example, too many resources, student understanding of learning objectives, etc. However, there are ways to flag up these things in lesson planning.

So to return to my feelings. The negative side of things does, I feel, come from the sense of running to stand still. I improve one thing and another gets highlighted. On the other hand I could get round that by choosing safe lessons.

Action plan:

  1. Discussion with excellent teachers

  2. Observation of excellent teachers

  3. Identification and use of academic work to inform praxis.